Permission to Speak - Permission to Perform


This is the core activity of The Why? Festival programme, aimed at identifying, encouraging empowering and developing new and emerging Disabled Artists.


These free training and performance opportunities, are available to all Disabled Artists who have some basic experience and would like to spend time working with small collectives of other artists.  There are one day and multiple session workshops based at local theatre arts venues.


The aim of thees course is to empowerer Disabled Artists both as artists and as people in their own right, using artistic performacne and creative thinking and composition to bolster personal identity, self esteem and confidence.



There have already been a number of single day workshops and performances and there is already a number of future sessions booked and partly filled but looking for more participants.


Courses will use existing original material by the artists on the workshops, and will seeek to create and devise new pieces in repsonse to work brought.  The ultimate purpose is to create new full length shows, showcasing great artists with quality work, delivered in whole show format.


Up-Coming Permision to Perform Events


7th June - 12th July  Workshop Every Wednesday  10:30pm - 4:30pm Performances Matinee & Evening Wednesday 19th July Times TBC at 

Blue Orange Theatre, Great HAmpton Street, Hockley, Birmingham

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"Being a Disabled Artist is about being who you really are sometimes by being someone else"