The Play


“I was 14 and flattered by the thought I could be anything I wanted to be” - a pivotal line from ‘All The Things We Could Have Been’ which is a 60 minute no holds barred expose of the arduous journey into adulthood and life choices for Disabled People.


Initially developed and played through funding from an ACE Grant for Art, this one act piece, combining; song, satire, digital scenery, and spoken word, dares to ask many questions, and pose many observations where others have feared to tread, yet maintains a sense of amusement and irreverence that will make you laugh, it may make you cry, and it will certainly make you question who makes the decisions on your life.


The play is backed by a pre-recorded video sign language interpretation, with the text performed in synchrony with it, including songs performed live, video guests, and rhyming narration.