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Robin 'Angryfish' Surgeoner


Robin is both a singer songwriter of great standing in the Disability Arts Community and is also the promoter for the WHY? Festival


Robin writes fearlessly satirical lyrics which combined with his folk/punk guitar style bring a real authenticity to the issues he sings about.


Having played up and down the country as Angryfish and formerly with Dan Dares Dog, Robin brings a wealth of experience to the stage, as well as a incisive insight into the interplay between Disabled People and the wealth of experiences we enjoy with an often less the friendly world


Robin will also be running creative writing for empowerment workshops during the festival


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In addition Robin is the originator of The Together Disability Arts Market Place, a Disability Arts eCommerce Web site which is currently being re-developed as art of the Together 2012 CIC Elevate funding from Arts Council England