Disabilty Arts Perfromance Network


As part of the initial development phase of The Why? Festival I will be conducting some basic research into the feasibility of setting up a performance network for Disabled Artists, venues, companies and promoters, who are interested in the development of communication and support links to build a stronger unity and solidarity in the creation and promotion of Disability Arts and Disabled Artists.


Having been involved in Disability Arts and performing for over thirty years I am acutely aware of how difficult it can be for Disabled Artists to gain performance opportunities, but also for venues, companies and promoters to know either where to find Disabled Performers, or how to market Disability Arts.


There are without doubt a gamut of underlying factors which once identified and plans put into place can begin to address these, and begin make the inclusion of Disabled Artists and Disability Arts in all programs a reality


For the this to happen I believe that there needs to be much more communication and joint working between all of those developing and promoting performance art and performance art opportunities for Disabled People inclusively and right through from the earliest age.


As part of this research I am holding two open meetings to give people the opportunity to come along and talk with me and others about how they feel the foundations this communication and spirit of co-operation can be implemented and built upon.


Open Meetings / Drop ins


Monday 19th September 2016 11am - 6pm

Room 713/4 Birmingham Central Library


Tuesday 20th September 2016 2pm - 6:30pm

Room 713/4 Birmingham Central Library




If you are unable to attend either of these meetings and believe you would like to contribute to this research please email me at angryfish@angryfish.co.uk to request a questionnaire or use The Why:? Festival contact page